Covid-19 is making its way around the globe impacting every individual in some way or another.  We are all experiencing a collective energy of fear and uncertainty spreading around the globe to some extent. When I opened Shantee Healing exactly 7 months ago, my intention was to create a space for healing,  connection and peace for people. Today, I must temporarily close my doors as we all must practice social-distancing and self-isolation to help put Covid-19 to sleep. I am hopeful that this time will serve us in meaningful ways and soon we will come together once again, perhaps a little more enlightened and centred as a result.

Today we also have a New Moon in Aries in our beautiful sky, which happens to be the very first Sign of the astrological wheel. Aries initiates Spring, new beginnings and a new astrological year. Aries represents the archetype of the Self, our identity, and what is essential to us. It is a perfect time to spend with our Self.  As we move into this “forced” pause, I see it as an opportunity to come back into ourselves. Perhaps this is a necessary time to discover and connect to who we really are, what we value, what has meaning to us, and what our heart desires. Perhaps this is a time to pull back from our normal routines, distractions, and external energies and come back into our own energy, and practice to BE who we really are at a deeper spiritual level.

I see closing down all non-essential businesses, travels, and rendezvous as the universe’s way to open up space to come back to our Self and what is essential to us. This time is precious, and I hope many will take this time to go inward, to know themselves, so that they can emerge into the world as a more conscious and connected being. On this New Moon in Aries spend some time pondering, and reflecting on where you are at in your life journey, what you will carry forward with you from the past, and what you wish to create for yourself into the future. Allow yourself to become aware, imagine, and set intentions on where you want your creative energy to flow next. Take this time to inhale the energy of peace and exhale any worries that keep you away from being in your inner power. It is essential now to tend to our inner environment, to create homeostasis, and remain resilient in the uncertain landscape we are faced with. On this New Moon, and during this time of Self-Isolation,  let’s focus our attention inwards creating peaceful energies within so they can ripple out into the world.

Jas Dhillon