Thanks to the lockdown we are currently in, I had time to go through stacks of old photographs. The many memories and experiences caused me to reflect on the times and people that have now become part of the past. The births, weddings, get togethers, travels, hospitalizations and loved ones that continue to evolve amongst us and those who have passed on.  Each person, place and thing captured so beautifully to remind me of moments that have transpired until now.

Each person in these photographs has been  born with an inherent story that continues to unfold in mysterious ways in the passing of time. We do not know what someone will grow up to become. Neither do we know the celebrations that are on the way, the losses and successes that will be experienced, and the connections and bonds that will be made along the way. No matter the circumstance, life continues in each one of us in ways we allow it to.

As I looked at the cars, the houses, and the people in these photographs, I realised that the feelings that these memories hold are what continue to live within us. We may not remember what a certain birthday cake looked like without the picture, yet we remember how we felt when we shared it with friends and loved ones.  We may not remember the name of a certain resort we stayed at, yet we remember how we felt on that trip and the people that made it special.

Reminiscing on the joys of life that come from connecting with one another also brought forward the sense of loss for what has been taken away now and which was taken for granted prior.  The pictures taken at restaurants, on vacations, hugging one another felt so nostalgic. Covid has brought much awareness to how precious people are and the impermanence of time. Many of us crave connection, gatherings, and meaning for our existence since we have been stripped away from our social circles and daily functions. Yet as I flipped through the pictures feeling a sense of loss I also felt a sense of gratitude. I felt Gratitude for the precious time this lockdown has allowed me to reflect on memories that were once created.  I witnessed the magic of life working through each one of us. I gained insights and wisdom on what really matters in our daily lives.

We experience our daily life through the feelings that are created within us. These feelings become imprinted in our memories and continue to live within us. Every day that passes can no longer be had. Each day that arrives is a gift to create again.  What we create everyday is what matters and gives us meaning. Life is like a memory bank in which we can deposit good feelings or bad feelings and we will get back what we have deposited with interest in time .

Although this lockdown may appear like “Groundhog Day” each day, what we think, do, and feel during this time is creating our tomorrow. One day we will look back at this time in our life and remember how we felt as a result of what we chose to do during this time. We will not remember the drinks we drank and the food we ate or the series we binge watched, yet we will remember how we felt.  We can not change the circumstances we may find ourselves in however, we can choose how we experience these circumstances.

I have a daily practice I would like to share with you as it allows me to direct the energy of my day while creating a more meaningful and connected life. I hope that sharing my practice may inspire you to create your life in ways that are meaningful to you. How we begin and end our days are the most potent times to engage in our co-creative powers.

Every morning when I awaken, I give thanks for a new day. I connect with the life force that moves through me and give thanks for my physical body.  I set an intention as to what e-motions (energies in motion) I would like to create in my day and trust that all I need in order to do so will be supplied to me. I give thanks for my family and expand feelings of love from my heart center outwards into the world.  I send wishes for happiness, love, healing, blessings, grace, and beauty to all I can think of and whom I will come into contact with throughout the day. I ask that all those who would benefit from my gifts be sent to me and the energetic exchange be mutually beneficial. I surround myself with an energetic bubble of spiritual light and then step out of my bed into my new day feeling excited and curious for what will come through. I open the door to infinite possibilities to unfold in perfect time that bring me joy, love, peace, healing and abundance. I start my day off with a glass of purified, and energetically charged water to nourish and activate my body while I ground my energy into the earth. At the end of the day as I drift off into sleep, I give thanks for all the beautiful moments that have transpired, those who surround me, and feel gratitude for the future that is arriving. I may focus on some positive affirmations, or a meditation, or simply let go and sink into Source energy within me as I fall asleep.

I am wishing you all a purpose filled and meaning filled lockdown with many great blessings to come to you in time!

Jas Dhillon