It has been a few months since Shantee Healing has taken form. Wow, what an amazing journey it has been so far! As a little girl I would imagine offering a place to the world where people came together for healing and peace, yet it felt cozy and intimate, just like home. Today, I find myself in this place, and the feeling I bask in is awe, and grace.  As I take time to ponder on this creation and the journey so far, I wanted to offer gratitude for all who have walked through our doors at Shantee Healing. I am forever grateful for my husband, who gave life to my imagination. We are so grateful for all of you who have been a part of our creative process, and we look forward to being part of your healing journey!

Thank you for all who were a part of the building and creation process.

Thank you for all who have helped our business reach far and wide.

Thank you for all who have offered guidance and advice with goodness in your hearts.

Thank you for all who have experienced our services.

Thank you for all who have exchanged smiles, tears, conversations, and wisdom.

Thank you for all who have trusted us with your well-being.

Thank you for all who have expanded their joy and heart energy with in our  healing space.

Thank you for all who have wrote us beautiful reviews and spread positive words with others about us.

Thank you for all the “skeptics” who tried our Healing Salt Cave and allowed healing to happen in a form they did not expect.

Thank you for all who have come in and exchanged hugs and gratitude for our creation.

Thank you to the community of Port Hope for your warm welcome, support and excitement for the unique space and services we offer.

Thank you most of all for making every day magical, mystical, healing, and beautiful!

We wish you all many joy filled moments, healing rendezvous, peace and blessing, and we are grateful to be a part of it!