How Reiki and I Met

In my healing work I encounter many individuals searching for meaning, peace, connection and healing.  There are many who struggle to keep up with the outer world. They are doing all they need to do to get through yet another day, only to feel disconnected from themselves. I have been there. Today I wanted to [...]

How Reiki and I Met2023-03-06T18:12:22+00:00

Finding Purpose and Meaning During Lockdown

Thanks to the lockdown we are currently in, I had time to go through stacks of old photographs. The many memories and experiences caused me to reflect on the times and people that have now become part of the past. The births, weddings, get togethers, travels, hospitalizations and loved ones that continue to evolve amongst [...]

Finding Purpose and Meaning During Lockdown2021-02-11T17:22:06+00:00


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